Geological Survey

Natural Resources Canada will highlight the geophysical research it conducts and will explain how this research benefits Canadians.

Earthquakes and Tectonics

Learn how plate tectonics shape and shake the earth. Over 5,000 earthquakes are recorded every year in Canada. The majority of these earthquakes occur along Canada’s west coast. We will explain where and why earthquakes happen, how we record them, and how NRCan research and technologies help make Canada more resilient towards earthquakes. Finally, learn about the new, national Earthquake Early Warning system being launched in BC this month!

Innovative Technologies used in Geoscience Research

Geoscientists use satellites, boats, and drones to better understand potential landscape hazards. An NRCan researcher will show on how these technologies help discover active faults and landslides, including the recently discovered fault line near XEOLXELEK (Elk Lake). 

More information on other displays and presentations coming soon!